Monday, November 22, 2021

Music to Clear a Holiday Party !!


Here we are...that time of year when we invite family & friends to our homes. Though the event starts out nice...but as the time goes feel it's time to say so long & thanks for coming over. HOWEVER...nobody's moving towards the door. a public service, load these gems into your nearest player & get ready to say goodbye to your guests! Most of these "songs" come from celebrities. Who told them they could "sing"????

Also last year's collection if you missed it. 

Good Luck!!!!


MusicHoarder77 said...

Music to Clear a Holiday Gathering Volume 2:

Music to Clear a Holiday Gathering (re-up):

Crab Devil said...

I'll freely admit there's something wrong with me, but the sad
truth is that I actually like some of the tracks in last year's
mix -- and some of those in this year's, too. But I certainly
do have enough relatives whose politics I can't stand. Here's
hoping a bunch of THEM have better taste than me!

MusicHoarder77 said...

@Crab Devil --

Nothing wrong with you!! I like most of the tracks TOO!! I guess this series is aimed at the average corporate radio/music listener who needs to hear the same songs over & over for years.