Tuesday, March 24, 2020

ebay jukebox Vol. 50

Wow..we hit the 50th mark! This one has a special story attached to it: Back in the days of record collecting, a friend & I went to a record show in Cleveland. There was a dealer there named Shelly who owned & ran Oldies Unlimited specializing in rare & collectible 45s. At his booth, you couldn't flip through the boxes records he had...you had to ask for what you were looking for....and there were no "deals".  He had a turntable/stereo set-up so he could play something for you if you wanted. As I stood there listening to a selection he was playing, up walks a guy with an unsleeved 45 in his hand. He must of knew Shelly as he told him he just pick the record up for  25cents. It was Harry Lee on IGLOO doing "Rockin on a Reindeer" (heard on this comp..1st time for me) in which Shelly stated that it was a $60 record! This was the late '80s and I would guess Shelly is long gone as I have seen some of his stuff (he stamped his logo on the generic sleeves) on ebay by another seller (bought the collection?). Fond memories of having to go & search for this stuff...many times not knowing what you found. A lot different today. YouTube has just about everything you ears desire.


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ebay jukebox Vol. 50:


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big thank you from - Aussie